How To Make Money Online For Beginners- 30 Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

If you are a beginner in your journey to making money online, you may want to know how you can make money online for free. 

There are people who have created online businesses.  One such person is Erin Winters of Erin on Demand.   She explained in a video how she makes $12,000 a week.  

Yes, you can earn that income.   I really love books like Think and Grow Rich.   When I read this book, I felt so inspired and ready to take action.   You should read this book yourself.

Reseller For Hosting and Domains

If you enjoy website development, writing about it and have made videos about it, your next step may be to be a reseller.  In short, being a reseller means that you would sell hosting and domains on your own website with total control on such factors as pricing. 

In order to get into reselling, it would be good to have a niche site on website creation.  So once you have written about website creation on your self hosted website, you could become a reseller, which this method of making money can be part of your monetization process. You can go with a website like GoDaddy, which offers a reseller program.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Audio Creation Exchange

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Audio Creation Exchange are platforms where you can use your creativity and earn money without investment.   I put these two platforms together because both are a part of Amazon.   

It does not cost to be a part of KDP and you can earn money by uploading a document, which will convert to an ebook and book using KDP's platform. 

Ebook Creation 

Creating an ebook is a great way to make money online for beginners with no investment.   

You can write the text of the ebook using Microsoft Word. Yes, you can use Word and you don't need to invest in software to get started.   Once you finish typing the document, be sure to check for writing errors.  Then you can upload your ebook to free to use platforms like Amazon and Gumroad. 

Create A Youtube Business

You can create a business and make money online through Youtube without investment. Establishing a specific topic theme or niche and creating a video as well as editing it is less challenging thanks to advance technology.   You can record videos on your phone.  You don't need to invest. 

As of August 2023, in order to get paid you must have 4,000 watch time hours and 1,000 channel subscribers. 

If you are hesitant to start a channel and worry about your face being on camera, you can do a faceless channel.  You can work up the courage to be on Youtube.  


You can write for Hubpages and earn. In order to start earning on Hubpages, you can create an account. By the way, I created a Hubpages account in 2009 and over the years I have read reports that people have earned up to $2,000 a month through Hubpages.   You can earn with Hubpages by signing up for an account. 

SAAS -Software As A Service

You can earn online by having an app service where people can subscribe and pay a monthly fee. 


You can earn through Skillshare.  Skillshare pays based on how engaged your students are in your class. 

Sell Canva Templates

You can sell Canva Templates as well as photos and stickers.  As of August 2023, there are 300 million active users on Canva so there is a lot of opportunity to have buyers purchase your merchandise.

Sell Photos

You can sell photos through websites like Unsplash


You can get paid with Quora.  With Quora, you can get paid for answering questions.   I have answered several questions on Quora and I am set up for monetization.   You can do this as well as part of an income source and you do not need to invest money to do this. 


You can create ebooks and load them to the website Gumroad for sale. 

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing

Earn through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  The KDP platform makes it easy to upload an ebook.   I first started using KDP in 2017.  It does not cost to use the platform and you can have paperback books printed on demand. 

Amazon's Audio Creation Exchange

Along with Amazon's KDP, there is a partner platform that provides income through narration and you do not have to do an initial monetary investment.  That platform is called Audio Creation Exchange also known by its acronym ACX and the two platforms are part of Amazon, which is the world's top online retailer that generates billions of dollars in sales per year.  Now with KDP, you can publish an ebook, paperback or hardcover book without investment.   Yes, it does not cost to publish through KDP.  Likewise it does not cost with ACX.  With ACX you are able to create audiobooks from your publications that were published through KDP and now are featured on Amazon for sale. Now this audiobook creation can be done in collaboration with a producer and it does not cost.  But if you do the narration yourself you will have to invest in the equipment to narrate your own book. 

Well if ACX does not cost if using a producer or narrator, you may being wondering how does the producer get paid. They get paid from the sales of the audiobook through an arrangement through 50/50 royalty share. 

My Experience:  I have been earning through KDP and ACX since 2017.  I published my first book in April 2017 and made a sale within a week.   Below is a screenshot of how much I have made through KDP.  

The same book, which was my first published book, was turned into an audiobook. Since having audiobooks featured on ACX, I have made 36 sales. 

Making Money From Trust Sites With No Investment 

Tap Into This Social Media Platform that Earned Nearly $30 Billion In Revenue In 2022

Once Again I Will Mention Youtube.  Yes, Youtube brought in $30 Billion in Revenue in 2022.   Since 2008, It has been trusted by thousands of creators to bring in advertising income for them .   Youtube content creators can also earn through affiliate marketing.


I first started making  money online in 2009.  A few sites I made money from include ehow, Demand Studios, Suite101, and Squidoo.  These sites paid monthly and was additional income I earned along side my full time job working in media as a staff writer. 

Below is a screenshot of earnings from one month while creating on Squidoo, which was a site that allowed you to build blog posts called lenses. 

Squidoo at the time was a fun and creative way to make money online.

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