10 Top Blogging Platforms 

An easy-to-use blogging platform, exceptional customer service, and built-in features make for an attractive option of beginning bloggers. Features that help newbies may include formatting tools, email manager, and built-in coding.

Having a hosting company to house your website is the beginning to how you can start earning residual income from a niche website.

There are several blogging platforms for beginners. These are no cost platforms and paid platforms.

Solo Build It

Solo Build It is great for beginners.  It is an all-in-one platform. It includes features that make starting a blog super easy. What is great about this platform is that you not only creating a blog, you are also developing a static website.  By the way, a static website is a when a site has major categories and does not have chronological entries like a blog does. When you make post, you have an option to place that post within the connected blog.  Solo Build It allows you to do this without paying for a separate hosting plan just for your blog.

The company Site Sell owns Solo Build It.

The Canadian based company has been around since 1997.

My start with Solo Build It began years ago.

I first heard about the platform from a business owner, Lisa Irby, who has a website where

I discovered a video on YouTube of hers after searching information on how to create a website.

After discovering her site, the information she shared was a game changer.

So in 2009, I purchased Solo Build It, which was then called Site Build It (SBI).

At the time, I started a website about natural hair.

I like it because you do not have to know coding or be a techie.

Plus Solo Build It helps you build a business.  Videos and written how to tutorials help you along. What is great all this comes with cost of hosting. 

Site Sell owner also writes newsletters with helpful tips and any Google algorithm changes that may have occurred.

Also, also there are so many helpful tools such as the one that tells you what links are not working. 

Go Daddy

One of the oldest website hosts, Go Daddy looks out for beginners by offering free website templates. You have the option to change fonts and colors. 

The company offers professional emails with your domain name. No @yahoo.com, @google.com, @icloud.com or whatever free email that you may have.

I have a Go Daddy account and my content creation information is on a website that Go Daddy hosts.

Being that Go Daddy started in 1999, Go Daddy is one of the oldest website hosts.

Go Daddy offers various plans.

Site Ground

Site Ground boosts that it offers super fast Wordpress hosting

I first heard about Site Ground by Whitney Bonds


Ionos it is run by One to One hosting.

With Ionos, you get daily backups.

In Motion Hosting

This company is great for scaling since it offers extra storage.

Dream Host

I remember when I first heard of Dream Host. It was in 2009 when I was first introduced to the blogging world.


Through Hubpages, you can earn residual income.   I first signed up for Hubpages in 2009.


The free version of Wordpress.

I have a 2014 Wordpress blog post, which is featured above.

In conclusion, the blogging platforms I mentioned are great for beginners.

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